gender = Female hair color = Brown eye color = Brown age = 200(25) relationship = N/A friends = Hiyascenth enemies = Aery, Ashley, Dusk, Harvey, Lea, Lily, Viriadien, Wendy songs = Become/A Dark Tale, Haunted by Her Soul, Kill the Lover, Kill the Love Reprise, Dawn of Death, See My Life Flash By(speaking), Blue Rose, She's Unstoppable, Viriadien's Death, Deal Without Love, A Dark Tale Reprise}}

Rosie is a central character and the villain of the musical, A Dark Tale. She is 200 years old because she get burned 200 years before when she is 25 years old and then finds a powerful spell to send her out of the underworld. She kills Harvey at the end of act 1. In the bad ending she also erradicates Harvey and Aery. In both endings, she ends up being banished back to the underworld.

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